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An extensive part of our artist residency has been spending time inside the microscopy labs located at the Science & Engineering building, learning how to use the electronic microscopes to capture the very fine details of plants that cannot

be seen with the human eye.

Image | Very fine pollen grains can be seen on this single Clivia anther in this microscopic image.

The micro dimension really opened up a whole new visual universe to experience plants and nature - seeing another layer of patterns, colours, shapes and existence. A flower petal that can easily be taken for granted; under the microscope, it reveals each individual round cell all clustered together forming this beautiful petal.

Image | A microscopic image from a section of the Epiphyllum phyllanthus (queen of the night) stigma

Or the pollen grains on a stamen, under the microscope it reveals each pollen grain to be an amazing sphere with beautiful patterns on its surface resembling a mythical deep sea creature or something from outer space. This exploration has definitely opened up our experience of nature into a deeper level.

Image | Microscopic image revealing the round individual cells and textures on a Cattleya petal.

Image | Microscopic image showing the tip of an Azalea stigma.

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