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Cosmic Giggles | BIG SOUNDS 2018

If you push at the edges of the phenomenal world, going to the highest mountains, the oldest cities, the deepest deserts, the most remote jungles and just simply put yourself in these circumstances; the cosmic giggle can get at you”. Terence McKenna


BIG SMILES is an installation inspired by an ongoing series of illustrative works born from Man & Wah’s experiences of the cosmic giggle - an ineffable realisation of the beautiful interconnections of existence and the unnecessary seriousness that permeates the everyday. BIG SMILES are cackling creatures releasing tensions and generating cosmic giggle vibrations across the Fortitude Valley skyline.

They were a part of the creative arts team that visually transformed Fortitude Valley for Valley Fiesta & BIGSOUND 2018 Conference. Man & Wah also collaborating with multimedia artist Warren Handley ( on large scale visual projections during the festivities.  

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