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Text below by Ruth Della

Commissioned by
HOTA, Cosmic Dusk is inspired by the twilight moments along the beaches and shorelines of the Gold Coast. A moment of time on earth where the colours of day and night merge to create a calming glow of soft tones and hues, this work eventually transforms into darkness to reveal the glow of an infinite night sky. Man & Wah remind us that we are very much part of a greater process unfolding on earth.

‘Brothers Man & Wah have created a wondrous new vista of meticulously photographed botanicals in a stunning new 11m artwork for the Entrance Terrace. The striking scene is inspired by a moment of time along the pristine Gold Coast shoreline.

Using nature as a reference point, Cosmic Dusk examines the relationship between human experience and the natural environment in the context of cosmic existence. There is a visual play on time and space through Man & Wah’s perception of the cosmos as a layered and wondrous infinity in which we all exist. Man & Wah’s “cosmic floral portraits” are a central creation within their practice, highlighting the refinement, elegance and “spirit” of nature. Each image depicts the remarkable anatomy and vivid colours of the plant with ethereal qualities.

‘Cosmic Dusk naturally progressed toward an epic symmetrical panorama, with the right and left side mirrored to manifest as a fractal mandala pattern. Man & Wah explain, “the repeated symmetry and plant patterns of Cosmic Dusk symbolises the eddies of existence. The cycles of birth and death, endings and beginnings, the changing of seasons, rising and setting of the sun, the moon cycle, and the complex dimensions that influence the intricate web of life on earth and throughout the cosmos.”
‘Cosmic Dusk asks us to reflect on our relationship with nature and its direct link to our wellbeing to appreciate our role in sustaining a liveable planet. Symmetry in nature is beautifully represented in the plant selection used by Man & Wah, which resulted from visits along the east coast of Australia, including the Gold Coast.’

The nurturing & vibrancy of soil health is vital for the environment, its ecosystem, food nutrition & human well being.

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