Created as a part of Museum Of Brisbane (MoB) Artists@Home residency over a 6 week period - Man&Wah created a series of work and written thoughts during the beginnging of the force lock in


The Cosmic Perspective video banners is a visual meditation, to deeply reflect on our intrinsic connection with nature and to recognise our individual and collective action as a global human race. These reflections and thoughts of recognition; like the title suggests should be seen from a “cosmic perspective”, because we are intrinsically born out of the cosmic process. As the modern yogi, mystic, visionary and poet Sadhguru once said - “Being alive is the greatest phenomenon, not just on this planet, but in the whole cosmos". 


To enhance the meditative experience of Cosmic Perspective Man&Wah has provided a selection of links to cosmic tunes, nature soundscapes and talks for listening while viewing the video banners. It will aid in deepening the visual meditation as you descend into the intrinsic connections with nature through a cosmic lens.


​Audio links:

Jonn Serrie – The Sentinel 

Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning Peace

Jonn Serrie – Day Star

Prabin Dangol – 432 Hz Meditation Music 

Jungle sounds – rainy morning in the Amazon rainforest 

Luis Panduro Vasquez – Ayahuasca Songs from the Peruvian Amazon

Alan Watts – Nature Makes No Mistakes

or view it in silence

*For the optimum viewing experience watch Cosmic Perspective in full screen mode on a large HD monitor or digital projector in a dark quiet space. For audio use quality speakers or headphones.