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BOTANICA | Botanical Cube

Contemporary Art Outside - City Botanic Gardens

As part of 2018 Commonwealth Games City Festival Event, Man & Wah was amongst sixteen creatives selected to participate in BOTANICA. An event that transformed the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens into an outdoor gallery, embracing the cultural vibrancy and outdoor lifestyle unique to Brisbane. 


The Botanical Cube is inspired by what astronauts call the 'overview effect' or 'the orbital perspective', where their awareness of earth shifts from the vantage of space. Experiencing a global awareness as they witness this 'pale blue dot' floating in a black void, that we are all interconnected on earth, our only known home in space. 


This site specific installation brings together a collection of common plants growing within Brisbane and Queensland that could easily be overlooked. The cube’s monolithic structure and morphing cosmic botanical visuals, paired with the garden's serene surroundings; provided a ‘space’ for people to slow down and pause, to deeper contemplate and reflect on their relationship with nature and appreciate the role it plays in sustaining a liveable planet, arousing thoughts between the everyday and the greater cosmic mysteries of existence.

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